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Dune but the spice just gives you massive tits call that planet Arrackis

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commodity fetishism? that’s right. i jerk it submerged up to my neck in a barrel of crude oil

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I don't know how to say this in a way that will matter, or even get noticed, but I really need cishet people to understand something:

The people labelling LGBTQ+ folk groomers and pedophiles know it isn't true.

They aren't spreading false information accidentally. Their goal isn't to raise an alarm about something they think is a legitimate threat to children. Their goal is to vilify LGBTQ+ people to set us up as targets for violence, persecution, and death. They are fomenting hate deliberately, because they know how to harness it.

By positioning themselves as the leaders of a violent movement against a manufactured enemy, they gain credibility, exposure, and ultimately control over large parts of the American populace. By pretending to be the vanguard of a defense against predators, they become heroes within their movement.

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ignore 😱 for capitalism 🤑 🤮
favourite ⭐ for :sparklesGay:​ gay :sparklesGay:
boost :retootPlz:​ for poly :flagPolyam:

@stellarskylark @tranarchist @arcade @cwebber it was the right choice for the book, just an interesting introduction

@stellarskylark @tranarchist @arcade @cwebber the little schemer was fun bc it focused on the hardest bits: functional thinking. That said it used a hyper simplified scheme that lacked basic syntactic sugar much less any actual "real world" use cases and io

@stellarskylark @tranarchist @arcade @cwebber speaking of which I learned scheme and FP in general through The Little Schemer, which left me simultaneously understanding of the theory and unprepared to actually enter the ecosystem

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giving me estrogen was a mistake i'm becoming rapidly more unhinged and also hot and also
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banning homophobes is literally the reason why mastodon is not an open platform

:sparklesGay:​ get yeeted on :sparklesGay:

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@0xabad1dea cool. our dunkin donuts are not only the first variety but also spread out such that you can't go 5 minutes without seeing one (bc boston)

@koko these days I believe it needs --no-preserve-root. In any case it should still cause a lot of problems

@keith @chjara that's weird. Minetest can run on basically anything. I knew someone who played on RPi

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